6th-Grade Math Teacher Saves the Day of a Young Student

"He just went above and beyond... He's such a good teacher and a great man," Josh Anderson says of his daughter Rylee's teacher Chris Waba.
Despite the fact, that we are all living a tough period of social-distancing because of the current pandemic, there are a lot of heart-warming stories that will brighten up your day.
This story happened in South Dakota last week when a sixth-grade math teacher showed how much he cares about his students’ success by going the extra mile to explain a lesson in-person amid covid-19, yet, the study session between the two wasn’t the most ordinary.
Dakota State's head football coach, Josh Anderson, shared a touching photo of his 6th-grade daughter Rylee Anderson on Twitter getting help from her math teacher, Chris Waba. The Madison Middle School teacher says he didn’t think twice about going to his student’s house after he received several emails from the 12-year-old, asking for help to explain the latest algebra lesson on graphing.
The student father said in his post on Friday that the teacher "came over & worked through the problem with her on our front porch."

As you can see in the snapshot taken by Anderson, the 12 year old is holding up a notebook, while her teacher drew math equations on a whiteboard outside.
In interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Waba, who lives across the street from Rylee reported that “You do what you can to help those kids through,” “You can tell when kids are struggling and the last thing you want someone to do when it’s something new like this — and it’s new for all of us — is to become frustrated and then give up.”
“I really felt that we were almost at that point where Rylee was just about ready to say, ‘You know what, I’m done with this,’ and I didn’t want her to give up,” he adds. “She wasn’t very far away and the opportunity was there and it just worked out.”
Prior to Rylee reaching out, her father Josh Anderson says the math assignment had been challenging her. “She’s a really good student and didn’t like the fact she couldn’t get it figured out on her own,” Josh recalls of his daughter. “She was in tears and so mad and frustrated because she couldn’t figure it out.”

It’s true that not all heroes wear capes …

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