Healthcare Workers Confronting Anti-lockdown Protesters

A standout image by photographer Alyson McClaran captures a face-off between a healthcare worker and an angry protester

According to The Guardian, Alyson McClaran captured some very interesting photos of the clash between healthcare workers and anti-lockdown protesters in Denver, Colorado on Sunday. In photos a small group of healthcare workers are seen wearing scrubs and protective masks and standing firmly in front of protesters. These protesters were demanding the city ease lockdown restrictions so as to reopen for business amid the coronavirus crisis.

One video of the protest showed a woman in a USA shirt leaning out of the passenger window of a pickup truck and shouting at the health workers. She was holding a sign that said, "Land of the Free".

"Land of the free. Go to China if you want communism," she said to the person standing in front of her.

Colorado has seen unprecedented unemployment as a result of the pandemic since mid-March. So far, 10,106 people tested positive of COVID-19 and has been responsible for around 449 deaths in the state.

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