A 99-Year-Old Veteran of the Second World War Wins another Battle after Beating COVID-19

Albert Chambers, of Doncaster, England, who was wounded and survived a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War, left hospital on Friday after recovering from the coronavirus.

NHS shared a video to mark his triumphant discharge shows nurses and others clapping as the 99-year-old is rolled down a hospital hall in a wheelchair.

“There’s nothing I can say but thank you very much,” Chambers said to his nursing staff in the video. “I appreciate every bit you’ve done for me, you couldn’t have been better.”
When he was in the military, the 99-year-old was part of the Coldstream Guard and helped protect Buckingham Palace at one point. He received a leg wound while fighting in Germany during the Second World War.
In a press release from the Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, Chambers stated that he was already in hospital, after he broke his arm, when he started showing signs of COVID-19.
“I had a fall at home around three weeks ago,” he said.
A neighbour helped him back then, he said, adding that “when I get home I’m going to tell all of my neighbours how marvellous the nurses are here.”
He tested positive for COVID-19 while receiving treatment at the Hazel Ward, part of the Tickhill Road Hospital in Doncaster. Chambers had to be put on oxygen at one point during his care after he tested positive for the virus.
Stephen Gater , his grandson, said in the press release that “my grandad is amazing.”
“He’s pretty incredible,” Gater said. “He’s not only survived the war and being in (a prisoner of war camp), now he’s won the battle with coronavirus.”
Chambers was “a wonderful patient,” according to Paige Lax, the nurse who helped to treat him.
“He’s fought to get better. He wanted to get back home. He’s pretty amazing.”
Chambers’ 100th birthday is coming up in July. We wish this hero a happy birthday ! 

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