How a War Veteran Raised more than £14,000,000 to NHS and Captured our Hearts

"To all those people who are finding it difficult at the moment," he said, addressing a British public who have seen life turned upside down by coronavirus. "The sun will shine on you again, and the clouds will go away."
"We have had problems before - we have overcome them - and we shall all overcome the same thing again."

A WWII hero Captain Tom, 99, become a beacon of light in the planet's darkest days with 10 daily laps around his garden to raise more than £14million for the NHS.

Captain Moore's story was attracted by newspapers and TV networks all over the world recently.

Mr Moore started his challenge and raising funds to thank the "magnificent" NHS staff who helped him with treatment for cancer and a broken hip.
Captain Moore hoped to walk 100 laps of the 25-metre (82ft) loop in his garden in Marston Moretaine, in 10-lap chunks, before his 100th birthday at the end of the month.

"I don’t know about being a superstar but I think it’s amazing that all those people around the world are contributing to our NHS," the humble hero said.
"It started off as a little joke in the family to raise some money and look what’s happened."

He continued: "My health is fine because of the NHS they did so well when I broke my hip and they treated me so well they deserve every penny they get.

"They are putting themselves in mortal danger every day and they do it cheerfully.
"They are all doing a marvellous job for the whole nation."

 Tom praised the NHS for "fighting a war against an invisible enemy".
He added: "It’s our job to provide them with all the things necessary because of their bravery."

He added: "It’s unbelievable that this sum of money has been raised for such super people.

"I think it shows we’re such a generous, thoughtful people.

"We’re so generous in every way that this sort of money has come along and it’s for such a super purpose. For our doctors, nurses and backup people - they deserve everything we can give them."

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