Runner dresses up as Spider-Man during quarantine to make kids smile

Ben Haye a jogger from Bolsover has been using his daily exercices to help put a smile on the faces of local children in the district by wearing a Spider-Man running outfit.

The 32-year-old is bringing joy to the kids in Balsover, England by doing surprise visits dressed as Spiderman at the request of their parents

A soon as the lockdown period started because of Covid-19, Haye ordered a superhero suit from Amazon in a bid to make his running more entertaining.

Families in the area are delighted at how much he is lifting the spirits of their kids' stuck in their homes.

Environmental waste consultant Ben, who likes to run marathons, usually takes his exercise at lunchtime as a break while working from home.

He will go out of his home, that he shares with fiance Shannon Trevaskis, 27, with his mobile phone and a planned route of houses to make a celebrity appearance at.

He told Peak FM how the idea started;

"One of my friends asked me if I could pop down to his and jump in front of the windows for the little ones.
"I ended up doing that, he put it on Facebook, and the next minute my inbox was just going crazy-It's just gone from there really."
The 32 year old says he's had over two hundred and fifty requests overall;
"My first thought was to just run around Bolsover in a Spider-man suit, and then people could look out of their windows and try and guess who was behind it.
"Then as it snowballed, I tried to get to between ten and twelve houses in the permitted sixty minutes of exercise per day.
"I'd do a bit of a Spider-man routine outside the front of their house, take a quick selfie and then post it online.

"It can't be easy for kids to understand what's going on right now, so hopefully this has cheered them up a bit."
He added: "I've been making quite a show of it for the kids, creeping up to the windows and giving them a high five.
"I'm getting quite a following and have been tremendously busy.
"It is a phenomenal feeling to be doing this. I'm not a father myself but I can see how happy the children are, it's like I'm a celebrity. They love it.
"I did get a Batman suit as well but Spiderman is definitely favourite.
"I'm even being asked to do birthday messages now, which I am doing in an American accent.
"I'm having a great time doing this and it helps to think I'm doing something for my community at a time when we all feel pretty helpless."
Dylan Simpson is a six-year-old happy customer who couldn't believe his eyes when his favourite superhero came up his drive.
Dylan is celebrating his 7th birthday on April 16th so he was thrilled that Spiderman managed to get to him before his birthday.
Becky mum of fan Tyler Fox said: "What he is doing in the community is brilliant. He deserves the great publicity."

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